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The increase in the global prevalence of NASH/MASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis, Metabolic Dysfunction Associated SteatoHepatitis) has turned into an epidemic, urgently requiring effective therapies. Physiogenex provides high quality NASH/MASH preclinical CRO services in order to help clients develop new treatments for NASH/MASH and liver fibrosis. We provide outstanding scientific expertise, unique in vivo NASH/MASH models (see a brief overview) and golden standards in NASH/MASH biomarkers, histology analysis and blinded MASLD Activity Scoring (NAS).

As a pioneer preclinical CRO in the NASH/MASH and liver fibrosis field, we help our clients to move forward quickly with their drug candidates. We deliver original, diet-induced and benchmarked animal models of human MASLD/MASH to evaluate novel drugs efficacy. Our very fast (1 to 8 weeks) NASH/MASH models allow to rapidly demonstrate the potency of our clients’ compounds. To further confirm the drug efficacy, our diet-induced NASH/MASH models with concomitant obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia or even heart failure with preserved ejection fraction can be used (animals already on diet are available).

In each NASH/MASH model, client drugs can be compared with clinical benchmarks: elafibranor, obeticholic acid, semaglutide, firsocostat, resmetirom, etc..

NASH/MASH in vitro models

Simple hepatocytes or 3D spheroid models

Screening/efficacy tests on Hepa-RG®:

NASH/MASH in vivo disease models

Rapid (1 to 8 weeks in-life phase) animal models

Acute liver failure models:

In vivo liver lipogenesis assessment:

3-week ultra-fast NASH/MASH mouse model:

Resmetirom in the 3-week NASH/MASH mouse:

Methionine choline deficient mouse model:

4-week CCl4 mouse model of liver fibrosis:

8-week CCl4 rat model of liver fibrosis:

Thioacetamide (TAA) rat model of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis :

Diet-induced obese, insulin resistant NASH/MASH models (15 to 30 weeks in-life phase) – animals already on diet and hamster RNAseq data available

Diet-induced obese NASH/MASH hamster model: obeticholic acid (benchmark):

Diet-induced obese NASH/MASH hamster model: assess your drug on both NASH/MASH and HFpEF

Diet-induced NASH/MASH / fibrosis obese mouse model:

Diet-induced NASH/MASH B6 (C57BL/6NTac):

MetALD in vivo models

Diet-induced hamster model – animals already on diet

Effects of incretin-based therapies and lanifibranor in hamster models of MetALD:


NASH/MASH preclinical CRO services

Biochemistry assays and histology

Gene expression (qPCR), plasma ALT/AST follow-up, bile acids

Cardiometabolic parameters

Biochemistry/biomarkers: liver inflammation biomarkers, liver enzymes, collagen, hyaluronic acid, plasma and liver lipids

Basic services:

  • Body weight, food intake, lipid homeostasis, blood collection and tissues harvesting
  • Histopathology analysis and NAFLD activity score (NAS)

Histology analysis: ORO, H&E, Sirius Red, Masson Trichrome

Immunohistochemistry: F4/80, CD68 (inflammation),  cytokeratin-18, Sonic Hedgehog (ballooning), α-SMA, collagen III (fibrosis)

In vivo drug efficacy studies

In vivo lipogenesis

Complementary techniques associated with diabetes and insulin resistance: glucose homeostasis
Complementary techniques associated with lipid disorders:
lipid metabolism

Our customers present their drug benefits in our models in major NASH/MASH meetings


Our major scientific publications on NASH/MASH