Physiogenex has a >15-year experience in developing GLP-1/incretins therapies: let’s drive you to success

Expertise in GLP-1

Benefits from our consulting services – includes Pr. Rémy Burcelin’s expertise , Physiogenex chairman of the scientific advisory board (50 publications on GLP-1)

Discriminate the mechanism of actions
Benefits from our consulting services:

Pancreatic insulin secretion
Gut-brain axis
Gastric emptying immunomodulation

Our validated tools:

Acute effects: gastric emptying in mice & glucose tolerance tests

Chronic effects: Weight loss in DIO rats

Beta-cells preservation in ZDF rats

NASH/MASH & liver immune cells modulation in 3-week NASH/MASH mouse

Diabetic nephropathy & cardiovascular in the SDT fatty rat

Preclinical CRO Services for obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes

Ex vivo screening
  • Muscles/adipocytes ex vivo glucose uptake
  • Muscles/adipocytes ex vivo FFA oxydation
  • Adipocytes ex vivo lipolysis


All our ex vivo assays

In vivo drug efficacy experiments
Glucose homeostasis

  • Glucose and insulin tolerance test
  • Hyperinsulinemic euglycemic/hyperglycemic clamps with 3H-glucose (hepatic glucose production, turnover, glycolysis, etc.) and 14C-2-deoxyglucose (glucose uptake)
  • In vivo individual tissue glucose uptake

Lipid metabolism

  • Lipid tolerance test
  • Lipogenesis in vivo with 3H2O or 14C-acetate


in vivo studies

In vivo services
  • Body weight food/water intake, organs collection, weight and fixation (fat pads, liver, etc.), blood collection and tissue dissection
  • Cardiometabolic parameters (echocardiography)
  • Indirect calorimetry (energy expenditure), Echo MRI (body composition)


in vivo studies

Biochemistry assays and histology
  • Standard hormones (insulin, glucagon, adiponectin, leptin, etc.)
  • Inflammation (plasma cytokines)
  • Tissue analysis (lipids, gene and protein expression)
  • Histology, immunohistology and histopathological scoring


biochemical assays and histology analysis