At Physiogenex, we are driven by strong values and rigorous quality policies. We are also deeply committed to taking care of our customers and employees. In all our endeavours, we safeguard the environment and animal welfare and manage our business in accordance with our strict internal policies and government regulations.

We believe in high quality and ethics. Our procedures are regularly reviewed both internally and externally by audits to provide our clients with the best deliverables, on time and of the highest quality.

Customer Care

  • Customer satisfaction and business ethics are the cornerstone of our strategy.
  • Based on a process-based approach, our quality system guarantees risk management and ensures confidentiality, transparency and traceability of the study results obtained for our clients.
  • Flexibility and reactivity are strengths that allow us to comply with client’s deadlines and to offer the best quality CRO services.

Employees Quality of Life

We are strongly committed to our employees’ quality of work life. Our internal policy is based on three pillars:

  • Integrity: because we support strong moral principles and always strive to do the right thing.
  • Respect: because we promote appreciation for diversity and mutual respect of all persons.
  • Team Spirit: because we are convinced that together, we go further.
Health and Safety

Health and safety have always been an important part of our strategy.

We empower our staff by providing procedures and training on prevention and protection systems. We provide all necessary protective equipment to enable our team to work safely and effectively.

Our health and safety policy is based on an open and constructive discussion. Our staff is encouraged to identify and report hazards and suggest innovative solutions to maintain safe working conditions for everyone.

Physiogenex has developed a partnership and different projects with consultants from Occupational Medical Service, in France and Retirement, Pension and Occupational Health Funds to provide our employees with the best and safest work environment.

Environmental protection

Physiogenex makes an effort to minimize the environmental impact of its activities. We use the most energy-efficient lighting options, water consumption monitoring, waste sorting and recycling.

Physiogenex chemical and biohazardous waste management is handled by specific procedures and complies with EU regulations. Monitoring of dangerous waste production and regular training of our employees are provided to ensure conformity of our environmental management system.

Core Values

Boldness and Innovation: because we confront challenges head-on and propose daring new solutions.

Responsibility: because we operate our business in an ethical and responsible way.

Health and safety: we ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Animal Welfare

Physiogenex has state-of-the-art Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) animal facilities managed by qualified technicians. Our internal animal well-being training program with emphasis on animal welfare allows steady improvement of our staff’s skills.

All experimental studies conducted by Physiogenex are fully compliant with Directive 2010/63/EU. We also adhere to the guidelines published by the European Federation of Laboratory Animal Sciences (EFLAS) regarding laboratory animals’ welfare.

Physiogenex has received official authorizations reviewed by ethics committees and approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to conduct animal experimentation.

Breeding and housing conditions are carefully controlled in order to minimize animal stress. In accordance with one of the major principles of ethical animal use, we continuously improve care by applying a policy of environmental enrichment to increase their physical activity, fulfil their psychological needs and ensure their comfort. Moreover, Physiogenex has taken the initiative to seek new ways of minimizing the use of experimental animals, notably by developing more sensitive methods that require fewer animals per group.

Physiogenex supports the principle of the three Rs:

  • Refine – Eliminate or minimize the impact on animals by reducing potentially painful or invasive procedures, as much as possible.
  • Reduce – Use the absolute minimum number of animals necessary in each study to obtain valid results.
  • Replace – Always look for alternative, non-animal-based research methods.

Quality (QHSE)

Our quality approach is based on “Good Laboratory Practices”.  It has enabled us to establish a quality insurance system that ensures employee compliance with our operational policies and accurate, consistent and traceable results.

In order to promote continuous improvement, we have implemented a new quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Our quality management system is reviewed internally and externally by auditors.

Client orientation is one of our principal axes:  our objective is to improve the quality of our services and client satisfaction (delivery on deadlines and responsiveness; fulfilment of client requirements, consulting and client support).

We guarantee:

  • Facility audits: internal and by our clients or external auditors,
  • Process approach: risk management, critical process and study audits,
  • Study plan reviews,
  • Quality control of results to guarantee a high level of quality and data integrity,
  • Study report reviews,
  • Training of all Physiogenex’s staff,
  • Archiving.