In vitro and ex vivo assays to demonstrate your drugs’ efficacy</p>

In vitro and ex vivo assays for drug targeting obesity/type 2 diabetes and NASH/MASH

To limit the use of animals and support our customers combatting obesity/type 2 diabetes and NASH/MASH.

Physiogenex offers its experience/expertise and a panel of in vitro and ex vivo services.

Optimize and expedite your preclinical drug development programs with our validated systems of adipocytes (human and rodent), muscle (rodent), hepatocyte steatosis model (HepaRG, monolayer), 3D NASH model (human hepatocytes, Kupffer cells and Stellate cells in spheroids culture).

Our validated in vitro and ex vivo assays

Lipolysis / glucose uptake on isolated adipocytes

Human adipocytes (lipolysis)

Human adipocytes (glucose uptake):

Mouse adipocytes (glucose uptake):

Glucose uptake on isolated muscle

Mouse muscle:

Simple hepatocytes or 3D spheroid models

Screening/efficacy tests on Hepa-RG®:

Preclinical CRO Services for obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes

In vivo drug efficacy experiments
  • Muscles/adipocytes ex vivo glucose uptake
  • Muscles/adipocytes ex vivo FFA oxydation
  • Adipocytes ex vivo lipolysis


All our ex vivo assays

In vivo drug efficacy experiments
Glucose homeostasis

  • Glucose and insulin tolerance test
  • Hyperinsulinemic euglycemic/hyperglycemic clamps with 3H-glucose (hepatic glucose production, turnover, glycolysis, etc.) and 14C-2-deoxyglucose (glucose uptake)
  • In vivo individual tissue glucose uptake

Lipid metabolism

  • Lipid tolerance test
  • Lipogenesis in vivo with 3H2O or 14C-acetate


in vivo studies

In vivo services
  • Body weight food/water intake, organs collection, weight and fixation (fat pads, liver, etc.), blood collection and tissue dissection
  • Cardiometabolic parameters (echocardiography)
  • Indirect calorimetry (energy expenditure), Echo MRI (body composition)


in vivo studies

Biochemistry assays and histology
  • Standard hormones (insulin, glucagon, adiponectin, leptin, etc.)
  • Inflammation (plasma cytokines)
  • Tissue analysis (lipids, gene and protein expression)
  • Histology, immunohistology and histopathological scoring


biochemical assays and histology analysis