Physiogenex provides high quality fibrosis preclinical CRO services in order to help clients develop new treatments targeting fibrosis.

We provide outstanding scientific expertise, optimized in vivo fibrosis models and golden standards in biomarkers and histology analysis.

As a pioneer preclinical CRO in the NASH/MASH and liver fibrosis field, we now expand our fibrosis preclinical models to help our clients moving forward quickly with their drug candidates. We deliver the standard models for liver, kidney and lung fibrosis but are also continuously working on optimizing this widely used models in the field of anti-fibrotic drug development.

Contact our experts to select the best model and set-up your next study design.

Liver Fibrosis

4-week CCl4 mouse model of liver fibrosis:

8-week CCl4 rat model of liver fibrosis:

Thioacetamide (TAA) rat model of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis :

Kidney Fibrosis

UUO mouse model:

Lung Fibrosis

NEW Bleomycin induced IPF DIO mouse model:

Fibrosis Preclinical CRO Services

Biochemistry assays and histology

Gene expression (qPCR), plasma ALT/AST follow-up, bile acids

Cardiometabolic parameters

Biochemistry/biomarkers: liver inflammation biomarkers, liver enzymes, collagen, hyaluronic acid, plasma and liver lipids

Basic services:

  • Body weight, food intake, lipid homeostasis, blood collection and tissues harvesting
  • Histopathology analysis and MASLD activity score (NAS)

Histology analysis: ORO, H&E, Sirius Red, Masson Trichrome

Immunohistochemistry: F4/80, CD68 (inflammation),  cytokeratin-18, Sonic Hedgehog (ballooning), α-SMA, collagen III (fibrosis)

In vivo drug efficacy studies

In vivo lipogenesis

Complementary techniques associated with diabetes and insulin resistance: glucose homeostasis
Complementary techniques associated with lipid disorders:
lipid metabolism