Physiogenex is a proud sponsor of the Hanson Wade 5th CKD Summit to be held in Boston, March 7-9th:

Dr. François Briand, our Director of Research and Business Development, will be presenting the innovative SDT fatty rat, a new model to evaluate drugs targeting nephropathy in the context of type 2 diabetes & comorbidities on March the 9th, 2023 at 11:45am.

New data on GLP-1 receptor agonism benefits in the SDT fatty rat model will be also presented by François Briand during the Drinks Reception & Scientific Poster Session on March the 8th.

Additionally, Physiogenex will have a booth at CKD Summit: stop by and learn how Physiogenex animal models and CRO services will drive your preclinical development of drugs targeting metabolic diseases to success.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to set-up an appointment with Dr. Briand and/or discuss your drug development projects with us.

About us

 Physiogenex is a leading preclinical research organization providing non clinical services in metabolic disorders and complications.

We offer in vivo translational diseases models as well as ex vivo assays to support efficacy and pharmacological assays. We have a strong expertise on metabolic diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, dyslipidemia, liver diseases (NASH to fibrosis), cardiovascular and renal complications.