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hepatic VLDL-TG production test

First in vivo proof-of-concept of your compound’s impact on hepatic VLDL-TG production.

key benefits

  • In-house validated technique.
  • Impact of your compound on hepatic VLDL-TG production, an index of hepatic lipogenesis: determine whether increased fasting or fed circulating triglyceride levels come from increased hepatic production or from reduced clearance.
  • In vivo insights into your compound’s efficacy on cardiovascular parameters: VLDL-TG production by the liver is involved in the abnormal lipoprotein profile.
  • Suitable for large-scale screening purposes in vivo (20-30 compounds/week).

description and parameters

This technique is extremely useful for compounds designed to treat type 2 diabetes cardiovascular complications and/or dyslipidemia due to excessive hepatic lipogenesis.

Parameters evaluated

VLDL-TG production test
VLDL-TG production test

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