Physiogenex, a leading preclinical contract research organization specialized in metabolic diseases and complications, and Vaiomer, a pioneer company in the field of microbiota, launch the TRANSBIOTIC project: a new research project to transplant mice with human fecal microbiome isolated from patients suffering various metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

Thanks to its expertise in blood and tissue microbiome exploration, Vaiomer will deliver in-depth bacterial microbiome analysis, while Physiogenex will provide its expertise in phenotyping animal models of metabolic diseases.

The TRANSBIOTIC Project is a 3-year research project supported by Région Occitanie. Its main objective is to build up and validate mouse models with human microbiome for evaluating therapies targeting intestinal, liver, and inflammatory diseases. Given the demonstrated role of gut microbiome in driving metabolic diseases in humans, such animal models should help translate and expedite new therapies from mice to patients.

Both companies have already presented the strength of their partnership in major science meetings, such as the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, or in peer review scientific journal such as Acta Diabetologica.

“We are delighted to start the TRANSBIOTIC project with Vaiomer and look forward to providing the most robust and valuable preclinical data to our customers developing new therapies, by combining our validated transplanted animal models with Vaiomer innovative services“, commented Dr. Thierry Sulpice, CEO/CSO of Physiogenex.

“We are enthusiastic about this new collaboration! Our partnership will provide innovative scientific tools to research and industry towards the discovery of new biomarkers and therapeutic strategies. Taking into account the microbiota in disease and drug development is becoming essential. The growing and diversifying market for microbiome-based animal models offers a huge potential for both companies.” said Mr. Jérôme Fourtanier, CEO of Vaiomer.

About Physiogenex

Physiogenex is a leading research organization providing preclinical services in metabolic disorders and complications. We offer in vivo translational disease models as well as ex vivo assays to support efficacy and pharmacological assays. We focus on metabolic diseases, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, dyslipidemia, NASH, lung, kidney, heart and liver fibrosis, nephropathy, neuropathy, inflammation, and cardiovascular complications.

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About Vaiomer

Vaiomer is a Biotech company offering comprehensive microbiota studies: wet lab, sequencing, bioinformatics, statistical analysis, and scientific support. The company is one of the few players in the world with expertise in the microbiota analysis of low biomass samples, beyond the intestinal microbiota, and has published 40 peer-review articles in the fields of microbiome, metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

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