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Whole body free fatty acid turnover

A gold-standard technique for quantifying drugs affecting FFA oxydation and/or lipogenesis related to type 2 diabetes and obesity.

key benefits

  • In vivo validation on impaired free fatty acid metabolism
  • Sensitivity (15%) sufficient to detect a statistically significant impact of your compound on lipid trafficking: a lack of significant results for plasma FFA does not imply your drug compound doesn’t improve FFA turnover
  • Predictive of individual tissue lipotoxicity

description and parameters

Free fatty acid turnover using radioactive labeled tracers is invaluable for assessing whole body lipid trafficking and circulation in vivo.


  • Rat
  • Mouse

Parameters evaluated

  • FFA fluxes
  • FFA turnover
    • Whole-body oxidation rate
    • Whole-body storage rate
  • Plasma FFA appearance
  • FFA clearance rate

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