The scientific focus adapted
to express the optimum potential
of your molecule

Unparalleled vision in metabolic disorders and risk assessment expertise for post-marketing studies and drug repositioning.

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Preclinical development:
In-house predictive models and tracer technologies enable the generation of Proof of Concept efficacy data for your drugs.

Screening and lead validation utilize a dedicated research platform which combine with our focused scientific vision.

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Project management

All projects managed at Physiogenex fulfill the same requirements:

  • Exploratory meetings with our clients to precisely define the best solutions to meet specific requirements (timetable, budget, scientific issues).
  • Step-by-step customized solutions with go/no-go decisions ensuring cost optimization and maximum flexibility in consideration of our clients’ requirements
  • A unique scientific contact for each project
  • Reporting: final report and validated data are provided

Our study process also guarantees:

  • Confidentiality of client information
  • Flexibility and reactivity
  • Adherence to client’s deadlines
  • Validated and reproducible standards, in-house experimental models and assays
  • Total traceability and transparency of your data and compounds



All studies performed at Physiogenex are first submitted for ethical approval.

Use of Laboratory Animals

Physiogenex uses a state-of-the-art animal house staffed by trained technicians. All national rules and regulations governing animal care are fully adhered to.

All experimental studies conducted by Physiogenex comply fully with the directive 2010/63/EU. The animal house also adheres to guidelines published by the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Association (FELASA) concerning the well-being of experimental animals.

Physiogenex has received official authorization to conduct animal experimentation. Breeding and housing conditions are carefully controlled in order to minimize animal stress.

Furthermore, Physiogenex has taken the initiative to seek new ways of minimizing the use of experimental animals, notably by developing more sensitive methods that require fewer animals per group, and by scrupulously applying the “3Rs” principle:

  • Refine—Eliminate or minimize impact to animals by reducing potentially painful or invasive procedures, whenever possible
  • Reduce—Use the absolute minimum number of animals in each study necessary to obtain valid results
  • Replace—Always look for alternative, non-animal-based research methods wherever possible