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NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) includes all fatty liver diseases from simple steatosis, characterized by excessive lipid accumulation, to more severe hepatic diseases. NAFLD is considered as the hepatic manifestation of metabolic syndrome, which is defined notably by increased waist circumference, insulin resistance and dyslipidemia.

The hepatic steatosis has a benign prognosis but for 30% of case, it can progress to a more severe form of NAFLD, which is called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Steatohepatitis presents steatosis, signs of inflammation and hepatocyte injury with or without fibrosis. This can later lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and hepatocellular carcinoma. According to the American Liver Foundation, 10-24% of the American population develops NAFLD and approximately 8.6 million people have developed NASH.


  • Unique in-house diet-induced animal models that closely mimics the physiopathology of NAFLD / NASH for evaluating the potential of your drugs
  • Customized research solutions to target your needs
  • Outstanding scientific expertise and consultancy
  • Dedicated research platform to evaluate the therapeutic potential of your compounds in type 2 diabetes, as well as other metabolic disorders and cardiovascular complications

Animal Experimental Models

Nutrional animal models

3-week ultra fast NASH mouse model

A proprietary, diet-induced animal model for a fast (within 2 months) and costless efficacy screening study of your compounds. ico-link

NASH Hamster model

Unique proprietary diet-induced hamster model that enables the evaluation of novel drugs targeting NASH and fibrosis in comparison with the benchmark obeticholic acid, in a human-like context. 

Diet-Induced NASH (DIN TM) hamster model associated with metabolic syndrome

NEW! Effect of elafibranor in the NASH Hamster model

Evaluate your compound efficacy in comparison with elafibranor, the major benchmark in NASH treatment in our unique hamster model in a human-like context. 

4-week CCl4 mouse model of liver fibrosis

A fast, costless mouse model, to rapidly evaluate your compounds targeting liver fibrosis

CCl4 mouse

13-week thioacetamide (TAA) rat model of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis

The classical rat model to evaluate your compounds targeting advanced liver fibrosis (bridging and cirrhosis)

Methionine Choline Deficient mouse model

The MCD mouse, a reference in NASH mouse models, has been validated with benchmarks by Physiogenex, to evaluate your drug within 3 months.


Diet-induced NASH / liver fibrosis mouse model

DIN model: a unique, proprietary, diet-induced NASH / liver fibrosis, obese and insulin resistant mouse model. ico-link

Genetic animal models

Ob/ob mouse

A leptin-deficient mouse model for type 2 diabetes, obesity.

Ob / ob mouse

Db/db mouse

A leptin-deficient mouse model to study diabetes, obesity and diabetic dyslipidemia.


Zucker fatty rat

A genetic rat model of obesity, insulin resistance and hypertension.


Technical platform / Read-Outs

In vivo screening and profiling
Glucose homeostasis
Complementary techniques associated to diabetes and insulin resistanceYesYes
Lipid metabolism
Lipogenesis in vivoYesYes
Complementary techniques associated to lipid disorders ico-linkYesYes
Biochemistry / Biomarkers, Cardiometabolic parameters and other services
Biochemistry / Biomarkers ico-linkLiver inflammation biomarkers, Liver enzymes, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Lipids, etc …
Gene expressionYesYes
Histopathology YesYes
Cardiometabolic parametersYesYes
Basic servicesBody weight, Food intake, Lipid homeostasis, Blood collection and tissue harvesting