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Unparalleled vision in metabolic disorders and risk assessment expertise for post-marketing studies and drug repositioning.

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Preclinical development:
In-house predictive models and tracer technologies enable the generation of Proof of Concept efficacy data for your drugs.

Screening and lead validation utilize a dedicated research platform which combine with our focused scientific vision.

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Small animal imaging services for metabolic disorders

Molecular imaging is becoming increasingly important particularly with regards to drug development. These non-invasive techniques bring mechanistic datas, through functional imaging, and efficacy assessment of compounds thanks to the use of follow-up markers.

These techniques are indispensible in making our preclinical studies more predictable and give more powerful translational tools for the clinical development.

Physiogenex has strengthen its services for preclinical studies in the field of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular complications.

in vivo SPECT imaging using a radiolabeled fatty acid (MIHA) © GAIAWe offer through this unique service:

  • Radioactive tagging of molecules of interest (to allow observations of its movements within a cell)
  • Biodistribution of orginal molecules : the ways in which molecules travel around the body and pharmakinetics (studies of how active molecules can change in the body)
  • The evaluation of the efficiency of new therapeutic molecules with validated radiotracers
  • Phenotypic studies (physical characteristics) and functional studies on small animal models using validated radiotracers.