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Muscles ex vivo free fatty acid oxydation

A simple and rapid technique for assessing the direct impact of your compound in type 2 diabetes and/or dyslipidemia.
This method can be used both for medium throughput screening and for initial ex vivo proof-of-concept.

Key benefits

  • In-house validated technique
  • Ex vivo validation on insulin resistance and lipotoxicity in isolated muscles
  • Select your best candidates with an inexpensive, reproducible and rapid technique, before launching in vivo validation



  • Rat
  • Mouse

Oleate oxidation in isolated muscles from chow-fed mice
Oleate oxidation in isolated muscles from chow-fed mice

Add-on studies

  • Free fatty acid turnover assay with specific emphasis on the FFA storage rate in individual tissues, to identify specific tissues targeted by your compound in terms of lipotoxicity