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Hyperglycemic clamp

State-of-the-art method for investigating your compound’s efficacy on pancreatic ß-cell function in type 2 diabetes.
Hyperglycemia is maintained to stimulate insulin secretion.

key benefits

  • Sensitivity to detect a statistically significant impact of your compound on insulin secretion,
  • Designed to gain an overview of pancreatic β-cell function in vivo
  • Essential and robust data for your records:  a unique tool simultaneously integrating all factors involved in the control of insulin secretion (metabolites, hormones, neuroregulatory factors)

description and parameters


  • Rat
  • Mouse

Parameters evaluated

Hyperglycemic clamp in awake mice
Hyperglycemic clamp in awake mice

Add-on studies

  • GLP-1 active form in the portal vein after an oral glucose load, to investigate the efficacy of your compound on GLP-1 production.


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